The 9/21 game is ON.  I seldom cancel a game.

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                    *  Special Fall Events  *

Friday, September 21 -- Third Quarter Club Championship pair 
      game -- more masterpoints for the usual price. 

Friday, October 5 -- Jane Johnson Club Appreciation Swiss team
      game -- more masterpoints for the usual price -- get your
      team together.

Friday, October 19 -- Jane Johnson Club Appreciation pair game --
      more masterpoints for the usual price.

Friday, October 26 -- FAC CANCELED in favor of Boulder Sectional
      Tournament in Longmont.  Go play at the Boulder County

Friday, November 16 -- Fourth Quarter Club Championship pair
      game -- more masterpoints for the usual price.

Friday, November 30 -- Swiss Team game -- get your team together.

Friday, December 7 -- Sectional Tournament at Clubs.  This pair 
      game involves score comparisons across hundreds of clubs 
      in several Districts.  Usual price and stratification.
                   General F A C Announcements 

    Thank you for NOT wearing perfume, cologne, and such to the
bridge game.  The F A C is a scent-free club.  Benefits of this
long-standing policy include reduced incidence of trips to the
emergency room and of asthma attacks.  Please be considerate of
the health and safety of your fellow bridge players.

    I strive to avoid cancellations when I can.  I will, however,
cancel the game for four reasons:  (1) a Sectional tournament in
Boulder or Longmont; (2) a Regional or National tournament within 
120 miles; (3) when Friday falls on December 25, Christmas Day; 
and (4) bad weather sufficient to close the schools. 

    In the event of a snowstorm or other inclement weather, check 
local TV and radio for school closures.  Better yet, check the 
Boulder Valley School District website,, the home
page of which shows a circular "green light" when the schools
are operating normally.

    If the Boulder Valley School District (RE-2) cancels school 
for inclement weather on a particular Friday, then I will cancel 
F A C.  If the Boulder Valley Schools are operating normally -- 
or even if they are opening on a delayed schedule -- then I will
still run the F A C game that day.

                      *  Hand records on line  * 

Hand records for pair games are available on the Boulder Bridge
website -- -- with our playing results.

                    *  Stratification at F A C   *

Games at FAC are stratified as follows, except when ACBL mandates
a different stratification for a special game:

Stratum C:  Average masterpoints less than 750.
Stratum B:  Average masterpoints less than 2000.
Stratum A:  Unlimited.

                         *  Team Games  *

When a month contains five Fridays, it is my intention to run a 
Swiss Team game on the fifth (last) Friday of the month.

When the time of year is appropriate, this may be a Grand National 
Team qualifying event.  The GNT stratification at the club 
qualification level is as follows:

Stratum C:  EACH player below 500 masterpoints and a non-Life-Master.
Stratum B:  EACH player below 2500 masterpoints.
Stratum A:  Unlimited.