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Directory Request

Enter your ACBL number to get access to the Unit 359 members directory and the BridgeBaseOnline (BBO) directory. Current members of Unit 359 can access the directories via the links provided below.

If you are not a member of Unit 359 you can request access from the webmaster.

If you used to have access your ACBL membership may have lapsed. Fix that by contacting the webmaster.

If you want your BBO screen name added to the BBO directory please email Jim Johnson


Awards and Trophies


Jim McKenna Cup

The Jim McKenna Cup is a traveling award which goes yearly to the Unit 359 member who wins the most aggregate Masterpoints in our two unrestricted annual tournaments -- the Boulder Bonanza Spring Sectional and the Kay McKenna Boulder Fall Sectional.


The Cup was established decades ago as the McKenna Cup and was made a memorial award in memory of Jim McKenna following his death. Prior to 1994, the Cup winner could be from any Unit. At that time the rules changed so that the winner must be a member of Unit 359. Both McKennas were giants in Unit 359 bridge, being among our earliest Life Masters.


2018: Linda Sundbye

Unit 359 veteran Linda Sundbye collected 40+ MPs in our two tourneys to take the title. Perennial Top-10 contender Kathy Ragland claimed the runner-up spot with 31+ MPs. Linda turned in a steady performance over both tournaments, finishing in the overall list in five of the six events she entered. She was off to a good start with a win in the Friday Bracketed Swiss. Congratulations, Linda!

more McKenna Cup history coming soon


Masterpoint Races

Ace of Clubs

The Ace of Clubs masterpoints race is based on the cumulative sum of points awarded at local sanctioned club games during a calendar year. The race is tracked by the ACBL and restarts every January. Players are ranked against each other in their unit as well as nationally.


The Mini-McKenney awards recognize players at various strats who win the most masterpoints in a given year.  Unlike the Ace of Clubs (points won only in club games), Mini-McKenney points also include those won at tournaments, unit games, etc. 


The name 'Mini-McKenney' derives from the former McKenney Trophy competition, which has since been renamed the Barry Crane Top 500.

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