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BBO points, ACBL points and masterpoint races

Sally Ann Rhea asked ACBL for clarification about masterpoint races. This is their response:

Any games that are run on BBO that are Support Your Club (SYC) games or in the various Virtual Clubs will award black points. Black points count towards all of the regular “races”. There are two types of SYC games.

There are the traditional pair games and one daylong event that runs each day. Since both award black points, both count towards Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney races. BBO also runs pair games and daylongs (now 6 different daylongs every day). All of these games award traditional online points which are “unpigmented” and do not count towards any races except the annual online points race. Only those points won in sanctioned ACBL games can count as official ACBL points. You can win points in other tournaments on BBO, and although they will count as BBO points and will be considered in raising the number (or letter) on your profile, they will not be able to be added to your ACBL point totals. Only those tournaments with "ACBL" in the title can be forwarded to the ACBL as official ACBL masterpoints.

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