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Evening Game Changes

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Beginning May 7th the Tuesday and Wednesday evening games in Boulder will be changing. The evening games in Boulder:


The Carillon Bridge Club will continue at 6:00 pm

Directed by Ray Cole.


Open Bridge at the Elks and Newcomer Bridge at the Elks at 6:30 pm

Directed by Jim Johnson


Bridge for Intermediates and Newcomers at 6:30 pm

Directed by Ray Cole

The final Tuesday Niwot game will be held on April 30 -- this will be a Club Championship (extra masterpoints).  Please come out to play at 6:30 and say good-bye to this longtime site in a Farewell to the Niwot Grange! game.

Thanks to Bill Brackett, Jim Johnson, and Ray Cole for stepping in to make sure Jim Steele's games were covered and open, intermediate, and beginner games continue to be offered in the evenings.

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