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Missing Larry Dolan

Longtime Boulder player Larry Dolan passed away in April 2019.  His wife and sometime bridge partner Jeanne had died less than a year before.  An adult lifetime of taking anti-epilepsy drugs had left him with severe neuropathy in the legs.  Related to the neuropathy or not, Larry also fought a balance problem.  Even when he was still walking unaided, regular club players will remember that he would occasionally crash to the floor when trying to take a seat.  He fought his handicaps with grace and good humor.

Regular players will also remember that Larry was the perennial masterpoint winner at Suzanne Jones's Wednesday and Friday games.  As good a player as he was, opposing him at the table was never an experience to be dreaded.

I first met Larry at the Niwot Thursday evening game, where he frequently played with Clint Heiple.  Larry and I established a regular game on Friday afternoon, which we continued for the better part of twenty years.  There were of course both lean and good times.  A couple of amusing instances:

  • Larry and I had recently begun playing Exclusion Keycard, and at one Sectional event I found myself declarer in Five Diamonds, holding a void in diamonds opposite Larry's Ax.  (At least I was able to draw two rounds of trump.) 

  • I felt proud and confident after Larry and I concluded a sound keycard auction, landing in Seven Spades.  My RHO doubled and led the Ace of Spades!  (Seven Spades made — RHO's cards were from a different board!)

Rest in Peace, Larry.  You were one of a kind and everyone misses you.

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