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"Ralph" our new dealing machine joins the Unit

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

In 2017 after longtime Denver and Boulder player Ralph Cox passed away, his widow Karen honored his memory by giving Boulder Unit 359 a dealing machine. The machine is affectionately called "Ralph" and "he" makes the boards for all Boulder games. At Karen's request "Ralph" is available to all directors in the Unit with particular emphasis toward new player games. This machine has created the ease of using a Web movement which most players feel makes the game more equitable. In the 1970s, a director named John Harris, who went by the nickname of “Spider,” invented a general movement that would have every player in the game playing the same group of boards. We call them Web movements in honor of Spider. The problem with Web movements is that they require two or sometimes three sets of boards that are exact copies of each other for each section. Creating copies of bridge deals is an arduous process by hand!

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