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Rosemary Anderson June 28, 1932 ~ November 29, 2020

Rosemary was in the Unit when I moved to Boulder in the late 70s. As a human being, partner, and opponent, she was a delight then, and remained so through her passing last year. Rosemary lived only a few hundred yards from me, and consequently I estimate that we shared several hundred carpool rides to games in Boulder. Her thoughtful conversation (bridge or otherwise) contributed to making "getting there", if not half the fun, well at least a significant fraction of the fun. Especially in the latter years I would often drive Rosemary's vehicle in the carpool, and once when parking at the Elks I did something so that the battery ran down during the game. As a result Rosemary had to have the battery at least checked out, if not replaced. She considered my offer of compensation (time or money) a borderline insult. If one were to search "Gentle Soul" online, an appropriate result would say "see Rosemary Anderson". Can any of us, in our wildest dreams, imagine Rosemary berating her partner at the table? (or berating anyone at anytime, for anything?) See what I mean? Rosemary, EVERYONE loved you and misses you. Rest in Peace, Dear Friend.

~Bill Brackett

Rosemary was a Silver Life Master with many bridge accomplishments and delights. Read more about Rosemary's life and her defeat of Bill Gates at Dignity Memorial.

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