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Spencer Carr October 15, 1944 ~ September 20, 2021

Spencer Carr passed away on Monday, September 20, 2021, after a short battle with pancreatic cancer. He was a true gentleman in all respects, a great competitor at bridge and always a pleasure to talk with at the table. He will be missed by all! Read more about Spencer in this Tribute Archive obituary. We received some comments from members, please add your comments if you feel moved to share a story about or thought of Spencer.

Bill Bracket and Mike Mike Houlik wrote that Spencer was a thoughtful bridge partner, and a delight to play with; he was gracious whether he was playing well or not. His results attested to his skill at the table. With his varied occupational background, which included teaching philosophy, working in publishing, and as a parish priest in the Episcopal church, conversation was never wanting. His ebullient zest for life was infectious, and he will be missed.

Michael Perlman wrote that Spencer was also an avid movie aficionado, especially of film noir, the dark movies of the fifties and sixties, like The Third Man and Raymond Chandler adaptations. We shared a list of the best 100 noir movies. He was one of the nicest men in our strange little group of bridge players.

Chris and Shari Dorton, Maggie's Bridge Club wrote: We began our tournament career about the same time as Spencer did. Consequently, we faced he and his partners at many sectional and regional events. He was always tough to play against and gracious in his style. It was evident from the beginning that he was a "special" player. He was truly one of the "good guys" in bridge and an ambassador for the game. The world is a poorer place without him in it.

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