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Teacher of the Year Finalist

Our very own Sally Ann Rhea was named one of three finalists for the 2022 American Bridge Teachers Association (ABTA) Teacher of the Year award at the North American Bridge Championships; she was also recognized as one of four 2021 ABTA Master Teachers. Placing as a finalist so early in one's teaching career is a big deal – Sally Ann has "only" been teaching for 10 years. She is pictured here with the 2022 Teacher of the Year winner Linda Tuff, who has been teaching bridge since 1995.

Sally Ann teaches Learn Bridge in a Day as well as beginner and intermediate classes in Boulder. Many of her students join ACBL as members of Unit 359 and participate in our club games. Teams of Sally Ann's students have reached the ACBL Grand National Teams finals three times, after placing first in the regional GNT competition.

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