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Unit 359 Won the Front Range Challenge - Go Boulder Teams!

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Congratulations to the 7 teams from Boulder who together WON the Front Range Team Challenge. Although this challenge has been played for many years by Denver and Colorado Springs this is the first year Boulder and Fort Collins have been invited to participate – and we swept the field. Our two A teams placed 1st and 2nd, our B team placed 1st, the C teams placed 1st and 5th, and the D teams placed 2nd and4th.

A memorable anecdote ... Jim Johnson, renown director and a member of our first place A team, realized he had appendicitis after starting the tournament. He hung in there all day (a full day two session event) and went to the ER after winning. His appendix was removed that evening. He did admit that the pain was getting pretty bad the last round but he hung in there because he was confident his team was doing well. Talk about dedication!

The fantastic teams that brought the trophy home to Boulder:

First Place A team: (L to R) Scott Needham, Jim Johnson (looking a bit panicked) Joe Pieper, and Bill Brackett.

Second Place A team: (L to R) Michael Perlman, Kathy Ragland, Andrea Johnson, Linda Sundbye.

First Place B team: (L to R) Woody Dillenger, Rick Clelland, Pranav Brave, Ying Zhang

First Place C team: (no photo) Patti Tussey, Mike Houlik, Jim Smith, Raymond Cole

Second Place D team: (L to R) Allan White, Sandra-Leigh Serio, Jonathan Dings, Beth Cole

Forth Place D team: (L to R) Boris Shapoval, Peter Zang, Dave Corbin, Tien Vo

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