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Virtual Club on BBO

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

The All Boulder Bridge virtual club game will take place on Saturday, April 25 at 3:30 pm. We are very excited to see friends from our local clubs. When players are seated at your table click on the player name to see their profile. If you have your real name in your profile (even if your screen name is fibonacci) it makes it easier for us to greet each other.

Here are a few tips:

To play on Saturday:

  • Register for the All Boulder Bridge game in the Virtual Club area of BBO between 1:30 and 3:15.

  • The games are not visible until 2 hours prior to start time, you can register as soon as the game is visible on the list.

  • The ACBL virtual club list is quite long, search for Boulder using the upper right search bar.

  • Both partners must be logged in to register.

  • Sign back in to BBO no later than 3:25.

Problems registering?:

  • Jim Johnson will be available starting at 1:30. Click on the HOST profile (VACB205500) listed to the left of the game name to use BBO chat to talk to him, please include your name in the chat.

  • Prior to 1:30 you can reach Jim on his mobile 720-840-6145 or via email.

Never played on BBO?:

  • Play Solitaire, a Challenge, or an Instant Tournament to get used to the mechanics of play.

  • Use your account settings to turn features on/off confirm bids & plays, all or specific sounds, chat options and more

  • Make sure BBO has your ACBL number, check with Jim if you have questions about this.

Open vs. Limited games:

  • This is an open game, meaning there are no point restrictions and you may play against people with zero masterpoints or 3,000 or more points.

  • If you are interested in future limited games please contact Sally Ann Rhea via email.

More information:

Thanks to the directors of the Boulder bridge clubs we have the opportunity to play in a virtual club with our friends. Not exactly the same as sitting at the table at the Elks or Carillon, but it gives us a chance to be connected again. The clubs are hosting an online club game on Bridge Base Online. The game is Saturday, April 25 at 3:30 pm. There are several things you need to know before you can play in this game. Even though this email is long please read it in full.

Eligible players:

  • Must be ACBL members (you still have time to join email Sally Ann Rhea for assistance)

  • Have played in any Boulder club or Unit game, at the Elks or Carillon, since January 1, 2020

OR have won masterpoints at any Boulder club game in 2019 or 2020

  • Be registered with BBO, including associating your ACBL number with your BBO profile. Do this by the end of day Thursday, April 23. It takes BBO 24 hours to refresh their rosters.

  • Have BBO$ in your BBO account (use a computer to buy BBO$, there is a fee on the app).

  • If you do not meet these criteria contact Jim Johnson to get cleared to play.

Why should I play in a club game on BBO instead of speedball or slowball pairs?

  • Only our club players are eligible to play, so you will “see” people you know at the table.

  • Playing in the ABB club games benefits the Elks. After expenses, ALL proceeds from this game and the other on-line games will go to the Boulder Elks to try to ensure we have a playing area when live games resume.

  • Yes, it is $6 instead of < $2 for other BBO games, but well worth it to play with people we know and support the Elks.

How do I play?

  • Make sure you are an eligible player

  • Sign up for the game on BBO. Follow the video “BBO find BAND” but look for All Boulder Bridge (ABB) instead of BAND.

Please call or email Jim Johnson 720-840-6145 or if you have questions.

BBO Guide for New Players

Bridge Academy of North Dallas (BAND) has great SHORT videos showing some of the basics of BBO.

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