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All Western 99er Nite Club

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Fellow beginners and advanced beginners: You may or may not have heard that there are new games in the evenings specially for players under 100 points. It's called the "All Western 99ers 'Nite Club'". The focus is on a gentle, relaxed game. There are only 12 boards. It starts at 7:30 our time, ends by 9:00. There are also free lessons on zoom. See attached "flyer" for more details. The rights to play in these games is solely based on whether your "home club" has opted in. You cannot ask to be a "guest". As of this week Boulder has opted into games 2 Nite Club games per week - Monday and Wednesday. These games are in addition to the current day time and night games that our local directors are hosting. Think of the 2 new night games as 2 more opportunities to play! Everyone in the Boulder club with less than 100 masterpoints should be able to play on the Monday and Wednesday nights. When you are in BBO and click on "virtual clubs" you should see these games during the registration time. Even if you don't you can still bring up "All tournaments" and search for "Western" then try to register, but most likely it will fail. It will say "Blocked". If you are blocked join the pre-game support zoom (open at 7:00 pm on game night) or email the 99er nite game (links in flyer). Note: The Boulder club has opted in for Monday and Wednesday participation in the Nite Club games. The Boulder club offers beginner/limited games Tuesday and Thursday nights and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon.

Download the flyer for more details.

99er NiteClub game flyer
Download PDF • 41KB

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