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Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Many of you have sent questions in regarding masterpoint awards on BBO. The points that BBO reports to you on their results screens are the points that build towards your progression in the BBO numerical ranking system. They do NOT represent the masterpoints you earn at ACBL.

The only sure place to see actual MP awards from club games is in the Live for Clubs section of Often special events affect the number of masterpoints awarded, and even routine club games earn a different number of ACBL masterpoints than show on the BBO screens. For example, currently club game awards for ACBL are being awarded at 1.5 times the normal rate at ACBL. If you finish first in a 10 table open club game, BBO will report 1.0 MPs awarded. Live for Clubs will tell you the actual amount won, which is 1.5 points.

ACBL has added the ability to include table count for concurrently running limited games. So the same 10 table open game with a 5 table 99er side game will now earn 2.25 for the overall winner (1 point for the 10 table open game, 0.5 points for the 5 table side game, multiplied by 1.5 ). The concurrently running side game must start within 30 minutes of the open game, either before or after. Note that the Monday 99er game is being moved to a window of time that allows us to do that.

See you at the Table,

Jim Johnson

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