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Thursday Game is a Party Game

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

The Thursday Game takes the opportunity to celebrate holidays when they are near a game day. 

On October 31 2019 they held a Halloween party--with a dollar off the entry for anyone in a costume, and a free play for the best costume. Many people wore delightful costumes and the director despaired of picking a "best" until she realized that of course the bridge themed ones had to take top honors.  Judy Goater impersonated the director (Sally Ann Rhea, complete with a recycling bag) and Jill McCarey was a card shark.

On December 19th we held a Holiday Party, inviting all "graduates" of  the game and teachers to join us. The highlight of the day was the famed "deuce" prize in the last round--anyone playing on time who wins a trick with a 2 gets the prize, but possibly only temporarily. If someone later in the round wins a trick with a 2, there goes the prize

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