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Unit Pro-Am September 23rd

Our Pro-Am games strive to create community with the pre-game potluck and match Pros and Ams so we have a balanced field (which means about the same number of a pairs in each stratification). If you have less than 200 points you will certainly be an Am, if you have more than 1000 points you will certainly be a Pro. The middle can be Pros or Ams, depending on how many people sign up. Basically we cut the number of solo players in two and match the highest masterpoint Pro with the highest masterpoint Am, moving down the point scale until everyone has a match. This is especially nice for the newer Ams, a player with 300 points is frequently the best mentor for someone just starting out. We inform people of their match before the game so they have a chance to talk – people frequently meet at the potluck to discuss what systems they will play. Pros please play your Ams card, asking an Am to learn a new bidding style or convention just before a game rarely works. Ams be open to play of the hand tips from your Pro – they may ask you to pay attention to defensive signals, or leads, or give you ideas for counting suits.

If you have an arranged Pro-Am partnership please signup as a pair.

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